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Ebola training

MFM is training the village health volunteers or relais on Ebola and how to give  talks to the villagers  to educate them on:

  • what is Ebola
  • what are the symptoms
  • how can one prevent getting the virus
  • how is Ebola transmitted
  • what is the treatment for Ebola

Matron training grant

Thanks to Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund for a grant to bring a midwife to the village matrons to increase the skills in safe, clean delivery and Prenatal visits.

Birth attendant training in safe delivery and supplies.

Recognition for Medicine for Mali and Jill DeVore

Jill DeVore has been chosen one of 20 Outstanding Women for 2014 by radio station Sunny 95. This is due to the many people who work so hard and volunteer countless hours to make Medicine for Mali a successful, vibrant group. Thanks to you all.

2013 MFM work continues

Good news: all of Medicine for Mali’s is continuing this year, even though the American team could not make it’s yearly visit this winter. For example:

4 new villages (3500 people) will be getting clean water wells this year.

The Malian doctor who held MFM med clinics this year was surprised by the lack of stomach and intestinal aliments in the villagers. He said the clean water wells were the reason, and he thanked MFM for this.

New Micro-finance loans went out to 350 people in 8 villages in 2013.

School-teacher trainings are being held in the villages’ schools. All MFM trained teachers have passed their evaluations. Scholarship students are receiving their money to go to high school in the capital.

A Midwife is coming for monthly prenatal visits to assist and teach the village matrons. Many more women are coming for prenatal visits now!

Public Health trainings and refresher courses are occurring now.

Monthly Immunizations sessions in all villages are occurring. Malaria prevention talks and weighing of children for malnutrition are continuing.


TTN, Altrusa collect school supplies.

These two energetic groups in Columbus, Ohio, have collected school supplies to encourage girls to stay in school and do well on tests. These school supplies will be given to the top 3 girl test takers on 3 tests.

A young girl who wants to learn.

Kind Donor

An anonymous donor from The Columbus Foundation has given a $1000 contribution to Medicine for Mali. Thank you!

2nd Altrusa grant for Education

Top Test Taker

Altrusa of Columbus has generously donated a 2nd grant to MFM for teacher training and tutoring for the 2011-12 school year in 4 schools with a total enrollment of 2.000 students.

Villages to use Vital Stats to help solve their own health problems

In 2010, one village had 7 deaths of children under 4 years old due to malaria. This information is in the Vital Stats notebooks that the MFM village volunteers are keeping. MFM will have a training to help the village and volunteers work together to use this information to highlight problems and then find solutions.  In MFM trainings, our volunteers are taught methods to fight malaria; for example, use more bednets and get rid of mosquito breeding grounds. In the following year, the village can use the Vital Stats books to see if fewer children died,if their solutions worked or determine what else needs to be done. This is the beginnings of democratic governance.

Virginia Gildersleeves grant

Virginia Gildersleeves International Fund (VGIF) has given MFM a grant for a midwife to go out to our 8 villages to supervise our matrons (woman in the village who assists women with births.) This is a follow up grant to the first VGIF grant which allowed us to train the matrons in safe delivery practices. Now these brave women will have a midwife to monitor their work and assist them in honing their skills to a new level.

The matrons were so grateful for the first training. Several told me “Now I understand the birth process.” This grant will give them the opportunity to discuss with and learn from midwife.

Thank you VGIF!

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