Ways to Give

The work of MFM continues solely because of the dedicated people willing to support our mission with donations of their time and financial support.

How it works:

  1. Choose a truly unique contribution.

  2. Place your order:

  3. Rest assured that the people of Mali benefit from your gift, which provides real and lasting change to help end the crushing cycle of poverty and despair.

The below items are some donation suggestions.  The amount indicated are real values that reflect the cost and significance that your donation can have.

scholarships malaria microfinance
tutoring solar-power antibiotics

Your generous donation will support:

  • Our medical mission, including the purchase of medical supplies
  • Our educational mission: new books, teaching aids, supplies, improved school facilities, scholarships for top students to attend high school in Bamako, tutoring
  • Our public health mission: clean water distribution and the drilling of wells, training and organizing village health workers, infant survival program, nutrition programming
  • Our small business development mission: loans to individuals and small businesses

Please consider giving to our general fun

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