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Recent Updates

Thanks to Altrusa International of Columbus

More students are attending school and more girls are going to school  with the help of a grant from Altrusa for teacher training.

Kind Donor

An anonymous donor from The Columbus Foundation has given a $1000 contribution to Medicine for Mali. Thank you!

Bexley Methodist Church donates 1 scholarship

Bexley Methodist Church of Columbus, Ohio has donated a scholarship for a girl to go to high school in the capital of Bamako.
These scholarships are awarded to the top girl and boy in their class in 4 schools.

2nd Altrusa grant for Education

Top Test Taker

Altrusa of Columbus has generously donated a 2nd grant to MFM for teacher training and tutoring for the 2011-12 school year in 4 schools with a total enrollment of 2.000 students.

Garage sale nets 3 scholarships for MFM.

Ian Bravendar and friends, high schoolers in Columbus, OH, held a garage sale to benefit MFM. They earned enough to help 3 Malian students go to high school in the capital city Bamako. What a great job!

Laura Delaney recognized for service by DMU

Dr. Laura and BabyLaura Delaney, PA-C, M.P.A.S., physician assistant program, has received Des Moines University Faculty  Organization service award in June, 2011.

Timber Ridge helps MFM medical team

Timber Ridge beef jerky goes to Mali

Local Iowa retailer Timber Ridge donates beef jerky sticks to MFM med team. Dr. Laura reports that the team used the beef jerky to keep themselves going during long days in the clinic.

Timber Ridge beef jerky fuels med team.

Dr Laura treats child with leg wound

Medicine For Mali brunch

We all had a fun time in Columbus, OH as friends, neighbors, and family gathered to listed to Jill discuss this years public health and education efforts in Mali. Thanks mom! And, thanks to everyone who attended!

Altrusa Backs Schools with Grant


Altrusa of Columbus, OH, has given MFM a grant to help promote all students, especially girls, continuing their education.  This service organization is supporting our tutoring program where students, with emphasis on girls, get extra classes during the week. MFM has also begun a teacher training program where district officials observe and give practical solutions to common teaching problems. As a first step this year, the management committees and parent committees were trained in their roles and responsibilities. The people attending told of their learning with great enthusiasm and gratitude. They had not know what their tasks were. What  a difference this training will make.


Thank you, Altrusa of Columbus for helping to make this happen.


MFM 2011 trip was a huge success

The MFM 2011 trip  was a great trip. We got many very worthwhile projects done. the med clinic saw 2000 patients. 500 micro loans were given out, mainly to women. Installation was complete on 3 new clean water systems. Public Health projects are moving ahead with great vigor, including the first written village health records, villages using the information in the Vital Stats books to determine and find solutions to their particular health problems, and increased training for the village matrons who assist in births.

The MFM teams had many new faces this year.  The groups really worked well together from the beginning. It was soon nearly impossible to tell the new people from the more experienced MFM volunteers. This was great.


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