Clean Water

Clean Water Wells

One of the biggest improvements that we can make to the health and wellfare of a region is to provide them with clean healthy drinking water. Currently, many villages are stuck using open pit wells in which they pull water out with by hand. As you can see from the below image, how easy it is for these dangerous wells to be contaminated with dirt and disease. Animals and rodents are constantly falling into the wells where they often die and decompose.

MFM is working hard to bring clean water to as many people as possible. We have drilled, piped, and pumped in several villages. As with the initial investment, we are working with the locals in an effort to build a fund that will be used for maintenance on these wells.

Thus far our effort has been to bring villages at least one working tap that provides clean healthy water. We pump the water using solar powered pumps, we build towers for storage, and provide a public faucet so that villages no longer have to worry about the safety of open pit wells. We are working to expand the water access in villages that have one access point and are working to provide clean water in villages that have none.

Above Image: Existing Open Pit Wells



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