Our Mission and Beginnings

The Medicine for Mali mission is to collaborate with our partners in Mali, Africa in a sustainable approach to improve lives through medical aid, education, public health, microfinance, and clean water while promoting friendship across cultures.


Who we are:

Medicine for Mali  operates with a collaborative and diverse team of volunteers with expertise in medicine, education, construction, media, business and marketing. Our organization relies solely on private donations and we are always open to creating new partnerships in our quest to improve the lives of those we serve. MFM is predominately based in Des Moines, IA and Columbus, OH, although our volunteers come from all over the nation.

Medicine for Mali is a nonprofit 501 3c organization. We are dedicated to bringing medical services, clean water, improved educational opportunities and economic development to the people of Mali.

We invite you to learn more about our programs, goals and accomplishments.

Watch a video on the importance and availability of clean water youtube.com. Please take a look.


Beginnings of Medicine for Mali

“Can you bring some medicine? I can’t be a doctor without medicine” Elise DeVore

In 2000, Elise DeVore (now Elise DeVore Berlan, MD, MPH) was a 4th year medical student at the University of Iowa. She received a generous scholarship through the Barry Freeman Memorial Fund to spend the Spring of 2000 working in rural Mali. After weeks in the remote village of Nana Kenieba, with no medicine available to help the babies suffering from diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria and few resources to support a population challenged by profound malnutrition and lack of clean water, she rode for hours along dusty roads back to Bamako to sent this message to her father.

Dr. Steven DeVore accepted this mission and founded Medicine for Mali in 2000. Since then, Medicine for Mali has provided life-saving medical services, development aid, public health services and education opportunities for a remote community of 8,000 Malians living in one of the world’s poorest countries. Medicine for Mali programs are created with an emphasis on sustainability and in collaboration with local Malian resources.


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